‘Twas the Night Before School Starts


August 10, 2014 by kendrickheather

Tonight while waiting to pick up my take-out dinner, I scribbled a little inspirational poem on my iPhone to welcome in the school year and all of us “home”!

Wishing all, whether near or far, a wonderful school year!


‘Twas the night before school starts and all through the halls,
were colorful bulletin boards and decorated walls;
Supplies had been purchased and laid out with care,
Pencils,paper, and pens, more than enough to share.
The students were nestled at home in their beds,
while visions of recess and lunch filled up their heads;
while teachers & admins blogged and tweeted #TLAP,
bid adieu to the summer and afternoon naps.
The excitement was growing,causing such a clatter,
because tomorrow we would say #youmatter
to a host full of little learning pioneers,
who’ll be in our charge for a whole magical year!
I looked at my props, plans, class lists and more,
just waiting for cherished students to walk through the door!
Our Celebrations of Knowledge about to begin,
Journeys of learning which never should end.
Growth Mindset, Grit, Edchats, PBL buzz in the air;
Guiding young minds to the how and the where.
So bring on the coffee, long hours and bells!
This is our calling, our passions, our spiritual wells!!
Wearing capes of inspiration, nurture, values, we help our kids soar,
Developing their voices, like a mighty lion’s roar.
Be more awesome is this year’s theme,
Together as a community let us all scream
That Education & Teaching are the noblest of calls,
Creating futures, discovering identity, tearing down walls
Helping each other to be the best WE we all can,
The time is now to unite across the educational land,
So teach, coach, lead, play, jump into uncharted waters,
Journey, discover, discuss, ask questions, which help us all get “smarter”.
Teach for the child, not to the test,
Let them learn the value of trying their best,
Not defined by numbers but character traits and skills,
To look at Mountains and see them as tiny hills,
Where everything is possible, innovation, creativity, imaginations are kings,
Let us all learn to embrace, conquer and teach these things!
Collaborate, communicate, keep open minds,
Then it’s for sure no one is ever “left behind”.
To make a difference, requires action of thought,
It is something created by each us, it is taught and not bought.
Tomorrow is our future yesterday
Don’t let it get away,
Time to suit up, get out there and play!
Our dreams and goals are our friends, to talk with each day, if we listen clearly we hear them say…
“What did you ask at school today?
Are your questions helping you along your way?
Who are you? Who do you want to be? What will you do? How will you impact your community?”
When the bell rings tomorrow, take a deep breath and know,
Our hands are outstretched and off we’ll all go, to learn, play discover and best of all grow!

One thought on “‘Twas the Night Before School Starts

  1. Julie ortwerth says:

    So awesome. A must read.

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